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Christine Rochlitz established the vegan luxury fashion accessories label LUCKYNELLY in 2012, based in Berlin. She had been always very interested in fashion, design, interior, painting, colors, new trends and creating special and exclusive things, so she studied fashion design at the University of applied science and arts in Bielefeld, Germany with successful graduating. The brand name was created by christines bearded collie dog „Nelly“ who was the muse for it and for the decision to use only cruelty-free and vegan materials and to renounce of any kind of animal skin, fur, silk and wool. "With my fashion accessories I want to show that vegan fashion is very luxurious, unique and the lasting trend for our future." 

In 2014, LUCKYNELLY won the PETA Vegan Fashion Award in the Category "Best Accessory for Ladies" with a wooden belt. Since then, LUCKYNELLY has cooperated very closely with the PETA organization and therefore 5 euros of every product is spend to animal welfare.

After two years very hard work, the British Vogue contacted Christine and wanted to present her and the brand as one of the new talented designers. The unique style also attracted attention and recognition at the British ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, which published in printed issues.

LUCKYNELLY is part of the Berlin fashion week



The Berlin fashion label LUCKYNELLY offers stylish and luxurious handbags and other accessories that are 100% vegan. LUCKYNELLY does not support the use of animals for fashion and shows through innovative alternatives to leather that animal-friendly or vegan accessories can also be very exquisite and exclusive. "We would like to encourage more people to oppose fashion made from animals, as these are usually kept in terrible conditions, bred and killed. These include fur, leather, silk and even wool." The production is handmade, Manufacturing is based in Berlin/ Germany and Milan/ Italy. we work with the best specialists in this Segment under highest Quality. The Materials are from the best Producers of the world, under specifications of Vegan Material and under Fairest Conditions to Workers.

Limited Editions / Name ENGRAVING with Laser Technologie

All Handbags ordered from LuckyNelly Online Shop will be provided with Limited Edition number and name engraving. The names are taken from the order form or on personal request.